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SCAD 2010


Bridging the Gap, Pioneering the Future

Thu, Sep 23
Welcoming Reception @ Hotel, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Fri, Sep 24
8:30-8:45           Opening Ceremony

Keynote Speaker
8:45-9:15           Ronald E. Goldstein: Changing
Face of Esthetic Dentistry

Research: A Milestone of Clinical Success
(Chair: John M. Powers)
9:15-9:45           Mark D. Fairchild: Color 
Appearance Models and
Complex Visual Stimuli
9:45-10:10         Norbert Thiel: Advances in Dental
10:10-10:35       Christian F.J. Stappert: Maintaining
Strength of Ceramic Restorations
without Compromising Appearance
10:35-11:00       QA, Break, Poster viewing

Tooth Whitening: 21 and Legally Bleached
(Chair: Bruce A. Matis)
11:00-11:25       Bruce A. Matis: Is Loss of
Microhardness During Tooth
Whitening a Real Concern?
11:25-11:50       So Ran Kwon: Essentials of Non-
Vital Tooth Whitening
11:50-12:15       Joe C. Ontiveros: In-office 
Bleaching with Supplemental Light
12:15-1:30         Lunch
1:30-2:00           Panel: Challenges & Controversies
of Bleaching Studies 
(Chair: Yiming Li)

Color Education and Training: Problems and Solutions
(Chair: Cherilyn G. Sheets)
2:00-2:25          Dan Nathanson: Why is Dental
Color Matching so Difficult and can
we Rely on Electronics?
2:25-2:50          Charles J. Goodacre: Learner-
Focused Electronic Education
Programs for Dentistry
2:50-3:15           Rade D. Paravina: Color in dental 
education: Where are we now?


3:15-3:45           QA, Break, Poster viewing

News from the Old World
(Chair: Edward J. Swift)
3:45-4:15          Didier Dietschi: Challenging 
Ceramic Restorations in the Smile 
Frame with Free-hand Bonding:
From Illusion to Reality
4:15-4:30           QA, Break
4:30-5:00           SCAD Meeting

President’s Dinner @ Hotel, 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Sat, Sep 25
The Three Tenors of Dental Photography
(Chair: James R. Dunn)
8:30-8:55          James R. Dunn: Optimizing the 
Dental Digital Camera
8:55-9:20          Stephen R. Snow: Communication
with Digital Photography:  
Assessing Accuracy for
Predictable Precission
9:20-9:45          Wolfgang Bengel: Determining 
Tooth Color Using Dental 
9:45-10:30         Panel: Visual findings vs. statistics
in color research (Chair: William   
M. Johnston), QA, Break

(Chair: Markus B. Blatz)
10:30-10:55       Ariel J. Raigrodski: Zirconia-Based
Restorations – A Comprehensive 
10:55-11:35       Markus B. Blatz & Michael Bergler:
The Esthetic Update in CAD/CAM
and Ceramic Technology
11:35-12:00       Alessandro Devigus: Multilayered 
Ceramics in CAD CAM Dentistry
12:00-12:10       QA
12:10-1:10         Lunch

Esthetic Dentistry: Mimicking Nature and Beyond
(Chair: Stephen J. Chu)
1:10-1:35          Michel Magne: Aesthetic with
Bonded Porcelain Restorations –
A Distinctive Approach to Nature
1:35-2:00          Jason J. Kim: Translucency
Determinants of Natural Teeth:
Replicating Nature with Bonded
2:)0-2:25          QA, Break, Poster viewing
2:25-2:50          Nasser Barghi: Porcelain Veneers:
Determinants of Shades
2:50-3:30          Pascal Magne & Panos Bazos:  
Bio-Emulation: Biomimetically
Emulating Nature utilizing
a Histo-Anatomic Approach
3:30-3:45           Closing Remarks

Open Evening