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Claude Sieber

Clinical and technical aspects for the new generation of all-ceramics

About presenter: 

Claude Sieber began his career by completing his studies in Art. During the early 1970’s he earned his professional certification from the government of Switzerland, completing his apprenticeship in a small dental laboratory in Basel.
Over the next few years, he worked for several dental laboratories gaining additional work experience. His practicum took him as far as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he worked at length with Professor Olympio Pinto.
Claude Sieber has been the owner of a specialized dental laboratory in Basel, Switzerland since 1984. In 1990 he dedicated a training facility to the advancement of Expert Dental Ceramists. He works with dentists worldwide, and he focuses on his special interest of anterior tooth replacement.
Claude has lectured extensively throughout the world and his original work in Fine Arts and Photography are prominent in his visual and physical presentations. Since 2005 Claude is teaching photography classes across the globe.
Claude Sieber was instrumental in the development of Vita’s Spinell porcelain, Vitadur Alpha, Akzent stains, Luminairies, Interno Color Effects, the Omega 900 porcelain systems, the 3-D Master Color Shade Guide and the new VM Material .